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Xiamen Jier Electrical Appliance is a Chinese multinational factory and trading corporation, with headquarters in Xiamen City, located in the south of China precisely in Fujian province. Xiamen Jier Electrical Appliance and markets the highest level of developing and manufacturing advanced fountain pumps, pond pumps, mist makers, LED lighting, solar fountain pump, and solar LED light for this field. The company was founded in 2008 as the trading Company through a merger of becoming the leading company in the pump field. Growing step by step to become a renowned international brand image in high-quality supply for the pump industry. Our company has undergone a strong R&D(Research and Development) for the following customer into the deepest understanding of engineering, to ensure and claim that customers could be certain about the quality of every compartment of the pump field. Our market arguments were expanded to all over the world. Our Notable effort to be closer to our customer has several mechanisms meaning for customer-oriented development inventions by Jier electrical company include some international skills. The success of Jier electrical company stay of one statement as high-quality product bring from a really clear process on the production and management field, it as garnered our group to be certified ISO9001(CN07/006808). Experimented and high level of expertise gives you the best choice for your needs. Our manufacture capability and capacity can supply you in a different stage of the manufacturing process such as monthly output turn around 480000 pieces for pump and 200000 pieces for Led lights. Please be assured that your need for high-quality products can be certified as the best choice to choose our products.


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