New Product Vertical Submersible Pump

On the basis of existing products, in order to meet the market demand and improve the competitiveness of our products, our company has been committed to the development of new products. We have specialized r&d departments, some of which have more than 30 years of experience in the pump industry. They are meticulous about the details and will control every detail and process of the pump to ensure quality and safety.

We developed two new products in 2019. JR-30000 and JR-6000 vertical submersible pump. It will enter the second mold test stage in February 2020. JR-6000 vertical submersible pump has been tested twice. If it is finally confirmed as a new product, it will be put into use in June 2020. In addition,we will continue to develop several large pumps on Feb,2020. Models are JR-6000 JR-8000 JR-10000 JR-12000, etc. They are a series. Before the development of these new products, we have done in-depth research on the target market in order to set reasonable and effective parameters. After the molds are developed, the finished products undergo at least four months of use and testing to ensure that they are in a good working state. We will solve all the possible problems before customers buy our products. If product quality and appearance confirmed, we will do strict international safety certification, such as ETL, GS, CE, BS and so on. The main application of these water pumps is soilless cultivation, irrigation, aquariums, feeding fish ponds, and large fountains,providing practicality and appreciation for real life.



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