Select a pump&Filter for your pond

Pond pump selection Part 2:

Select a pump & Filter for your pond?

Written by Linda Lin

Last time we know how to calculate the volume of the pond, I believe you already know your pond volume, you can follow our guide to choose which equipment you will need.

1) Wildlife Pond (no fish)

In order to increase the beauty of the landscape, choose a pump with pre-filtration, pump performance curve can meet your needs of the spray height. The water will cloud over from time to time and you will need to clean the water pump in time to maintain performance.

Such as our JR-2000F fountain pump comes with a 1-meter height of fountain nozzles and can spray 1.5 meters heights.

2) Goldfish Pond

When keeping goldfish, as a rule, choose a pond pump that can move the full volume of your pond over once every 2 hours. E.g. if your pond is 4000L then you will need to select a submersible pond pump with a flow rate of 2000LPH, such as JR-2000F model pond pump. You can use a filter system that it’s maximum flow rate must be equal to, or more than, the maximum flow rate of the pond pump you have to choose.

3) Koi Pond

If your pond is keeping with Koi, due to the amount of waste that koi products, it is necessary that you need to select a pond pump that can turn over the total volume of the water in an hour. E.g. if your pond is 5000L, you need the pond pump with the flow rate of 5000LPH, such as JR-5000 water pump with 5100LPH flow rate, and you need a box filter with the same or more than the maximum flow rate of the pump.

In addition, it is recommended that a fish stocking level of not more than 100″ of fish per 1000 gallons of pond volume, the excess portion must be increased in the equal proportion in equipment capacity.

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