AC 120V/220-240V Submersible Pump

The high pressure submersible pump usually has two main categories. One is 220V-240V corresponding to 50Hz. Another is 120V matching with 60Hz. It is called a single-stage pump. The color is black. The outer shell is made of high-quality ABS material. There are about fifteen models. Model 150 and 250 are mini submersible pump and share the same outlook. Model 350 to 4000 has the same appearance. They have different specifications in size, power, maximum head, and maximum flow rate. As the water pump manufacturer tells you: they have stable performance and lower noise, long life, high efficiency. They can run 365 days continually day and night if used properly.They are widely used on many occasions, such as a fountain, fish tank, garden decoration, water feature, and artificial hill, etc.They can also apply in soilless culture and irrigation for varies of fruit and vegetables. All of them passed ETL, CUL, GS, CE, BS certification. Best submersible pump for sale, please contact us!


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